Welcome to the ministry of handwritten letters of hope.  It's Dear Abby, meets Etsy, meets Spiritual Direction, meets joining a best friend for coffee.


My name is Ashley. I am a Catholic, wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters.  

I think everyone is on a journey in this life to find a home - a home for our talents and our creativity, the place God made us to fit. I have always enjoyed one on one conversations, the ability to listen to someone's struggle and try to find just the right way to crack open their heart so that the light of God can pour in.

That is my prayer for this ministry. I am close to the completion of my Masters degree in Catechetics and Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a place where I have found great development of my intellectual and practical application of my Catholic faith.  

I have a deeply personal relationship with Christ, and this leads me to my own pursuits of the many different avenues to encounter Him. I hope some of these pursuits can benefit you as well.

Write me a letter, and I hope to channel the light of Christ directly to you.


How I Can Help You

Perfect I am not. But passionate in my craft of catechesis I am.  

I am committed to help you live the best faith life that you possibly can. I have wonderfully charismatic Catholic training, and my letters therefore will come directly from a Catholic heart.  It is important to remember that Catholic means universal. My Catholic principles apply to each and every person - love for you, not shame. Care for you, not a desire to promote a selfish agenda. 

You do not have to be Catholic to receive a letter of light. We are all sons and daughters of God, and we are all on this journey of life together.  All inquiries are welcome, from "I need prayers for my son" to "I really would like recommendations for ways to integrate prayer into my everyday life" to requests for book recommendations. I am here for all requests of your heart, big and small.

I am not skilled in the art of self promotion. Empathy and intellectual endeavors are my strong suit. I hope to use these skills I have spent my life developing to care for you in an important way. I am not a doctor, I am not a therapist, but I will help guide you to Christ, our ultimate physician.