Every parent would know and understand this drive: to provide for her kids, and to leave them a world better than the one that we grew up in.

In beginning this ministry, my heart comes from a desire simply to help, simply to wash the hands and feet of Christ.  Donations are not necessary by any means for you to receive a Letter of Light.

If you do feel so called, any amount is helpful to help me buy small things for the letters and also help our growing family.  My intention is for half of any donations received to go towards a charity, and I will utilize the other half for the ministry and for my family.

The charity that I will begin giving any donations to currently is:


The Saint Paul VI Institute

They are a wonderful, Catholic organization that provides a light in the storm of a current climate that often seeks to undermine women in regards to their fertility rather than provide support. 


Cash sent with your letter, a check addressed to myself (Ashley Slavik), or our PayPal link below are all great ways to donate. 

Thank you in advance for any generosity, we are so grateful for your support.