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The Letters of Light Ministry Newsletter

Letters of Light Ministry is beginning a donation program.  For five dollars a month, you can support our mission.  If you become a patron, you will have access to our brand new newsletter.  Once a month, you will receive in the mail a newsletter about a new topic in Catholic spirituality, that will be both informative and will spike your curiousity.  We should be proud to be sons and daughters of God, and through this newsletter I hope to inspire and give you new insight into how your faith and your daily life come together.

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Topics of Upcoming Newsletters:

  • Motherhood: A Forced Fasting

  • Father Jacques Phillipe: Book Reviews and Recommendations

  • The Holy Hour

  • Adoration: Your Key to Unlock the Answers You Seek

  • Eschatology: What happens when we die? (Based on the work by Joseph Ratzinger)

  • Conversation: How do we evangelize with our lives and speech

  • And many more to come!

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