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Why should I?

It's a bit strange. I bet when you first read that this was a handwritten letter ministry, perhaps you thought "wow that's cute!" and as you mulled it over for a minute, had a thought something like "but really don't have time for that"...

Social media can be a wonderful thing, creating connections that did not previously exist. But when we think to our ultimate example, Christ, He did not simply stand on a pedestal far away and make blanket statements to all of humanity giving one-size-fits-all advice. He was a man of conversation as much as He was a man of the sermon.

Here are just a few reasons this ministry may be beneficial to you:

Instant Gratification Detox

If we are being honest, we want our gratification and we want it now. If I want to know what vegetables are in season, I google it. The thought of finding a farmer near me and asking him seems absurd... right? We constantly starve for instant gratification in a world where rushing is a bit like drinking saltwater. It looks like a good idea, but in the end we are more thirsty than ever - for answers only patience and faith in God will provide. Impatience is a constant way that sin knocks at the door to my heart. But perhaps you will find by sending a letter and waiting for the time it takes to come back to you, this might be a small exercise of refreshing anticipation.

Writing is Like Praying Twice

I know you have heard the saying that singing is like praying twice... and writing is a bit the same way!  Writing down your thoughts and spiritual prayers really opens yet another avenue for God to speak to you.  There is something about the physical act of writing down the innermost parts of your heart that allows God an avenue in.

Our Thoughts Hold Less Power When We Share Them

Satan operates in isolation. I am more guilty of this than anybody (ask my poor husband). But we have the capability to either entertain our thoughts, or let them pass. Do not submit control of your precious life to difficult thoughts or feelings. When we share them, we begin the process of allowing Jesus to control our life rather than our own processes. A true life directed in Christ is a constant give and take - expressing our thoughts, and then the crucial step of letting Christ respond. 

Let Me Wash Your Feet​

In the Gospel of John, the Anointing of Jesus is a beautiful story of Mary anointing Jesus' feet with perfumed oils, and serving Him to the highest degree.  Martha is her sister, and Martha is present in this story behind the scenes, cleaning and serving and feeding everyone in the house. Both Martha and Mary are present in my heart for this ministry. I want to work hard and serve you just as Martha did, and I want to bring the desires of your heart to the feet of Jesus like Mary.  By allowing me to serve you, you are presenting me with a wonderful gift.

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